Bring Back Glass Bottle Reclamation

Glass bottle reclamation used to be the way of the land.  Bottles had value and were returned to the vendor for a deposit.  This can increase return of bottles, like the 10c deposit helps to clean up cans in South Australia.  Glass is more recyclable than plastic, and very reusable (unlike PET plastic). This isn’t…

common good

We’re glad to see common good embrace a business model that breaks disposable culture, a model based on reusability.

Disappearing Packaging

The ultimate goal of Reduce is to only use the bare minimum, to eliminate as much waste as possible. One designer has a few suggestions that could lead to almost no packaging, and very little waste.

Plastic Bags

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Plastic Bottles Building Ideas

Discarded plastic bottles are responsible for a lot of plastic waste, recycling can only return so much, so here are a couple of ideas I’ve found, inspired by our previous post. Plastic bottles as insulation Gases make great insulation, as does plastic istelf.  Plastic bottles can be shreaded and used as insulation, or they can…

Plastic Bottles Islands

For the enterprising minds among us, plastic water bottles are capable of being used to help create an island.  Richart Sowa has done this (twice) in Mexico, using over 150 thousand bottles as the foundation for his Joyxee Island.  Plastic bottles float, so if you collect, or rescue, enough you can create your own floating…

Plastic Bottles as Tornados

Plastic bottles are a big source of plastic waste, but there are many ways to reuse them.  One fairly simple one is creating a tornado toy for a child.  It’s as adding water to the bottle and spinning it around, though will work better with detergent, and glitter to help it along and make it…

Plastic Bottle Rockets

  Plastic bottles can often end up as plastic waste.  This the first in a segment of reusing plastic bottles.  Reuse is an excellent way to decrease the amount of plastic waste.  An entertaining way of reusing that plastic bottle is making a bottle rocket.  To create a bottle rocket you will require a bottle,…


The best step in reducing the waste of plastic is to not use it in the first place. Generally this is best done by finding alternatives.


If you can’t reduce your use of something, it’s best to try and get as much out of it as possible.  With plastic companies routinely being only able to reclaim approximately 70% of material from PET (plastic water bottles)[1], well you might be better off reusing it.  Articles tagged with reuse will share some helpful…