Disappearing Packaging

The ultimate goal of Reduce is to only use the bare minimum, to eliminate as much waste as possible.  One designer has a few suggestions that could lead to almost no packaging, and very little waste.  The two discussed here are replacing packaging with ink, and making having the packaging being consumed in the process.

Many items require labels for giving the consumer information, such as contents or instructions of use, or simply branding.  Often the label is a wrapper of plastic with the information printed on.  The main idea is to be illustrated here is: why have that plastic wrapper in the first place?  Using an example of a produce container, Aaron Mickelson, illustrates an alternative.  Printing on the container in water-soluble ink.  This alternative removes the layer of plastic, keeps the necessary information, and leaves you with the same final product.

But what if the product itself is consumable, an item that disappears as it is used, like food, toilet paper, washing detergent?  In some instances, it can be possible for the packaging to be used as well.  The example here is washing detergent.  Instead of a pack containing individual pods of detergent, why not have the pack made out of the individual tubs of detergent, in the same way yoghurt tubs are joined.  Unlike yoghurt tubs, the entire tub is consumed in the process thus reducing waste to virtually nil.

The suggestions, in full and others, can be found here.



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